At the dawn of the 21st century, the world is a global village. Globalization is found everywhere and business opportunities flourish in the four corners of the world. Your projects are getting larger and increasingly challenging and you are looking for a key contact to pass on to you his local knowledge and experience.

In this context, and in line with our philosophy, the term "Quality Services" has never been so significant as today. Using Rhizome means setting up international projects by using highly-experienced local service providers. Rhizome adds value by offering a locally-based international service.


Rhizome offers the possibility of conducting experimental trials (GEP and GLP) in all European Union Member States. Rhizome sets up trial designs for product approval as well as for the Research and Development phase. All our members have between ten and thirty years’ experience in agricultural experimentation.

Why choosing us

The Projet Management is centralized  +  Extended capacity in all 28 Member States  +  Quality, respect of deadlines, communication  +  Contact as close as possible with the trialist  +  Use of ARM  +  Focus on the respect of deadlines / timing  +  Protocols harmonization  +  Final reports harmonisation

Role of the Study Director

Protocol Design  +  Identification of the clients needs  +  Individual contacts with partners to build a global budget estimation  +  Follow-up of the trials all along the season (application, quotation, data management, ARM…)  +  Communication with the client all along the program/season  +  Review of draft reports  +  Delivery of final reports



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